Christmas carousel Amount: 120 employees | Location: Online | Occasion: Closing of the year

EventZ, thank you for the unique idea and the pleasant partnership! Our employees were extremely enthusiastic.

Below are some of the reactions:

…“Originality without a doubt 10/10!”
…“Thank you so much for this amazing Christmas package!!”
…”Such fun videos. And it continues to be fun day after day. The whole family is enjoying it”.
…”Compliments! I had last week off work, but I noticed that I’d missed a few hundred messages from all of my colleagues who are enjoying daily surprises.”
…”Both the videos and gifts are amazing.”
…”Thank you so, so much!!”

…“Thanks so much everyone; what a creative way to be together, really well done!! I’m joining in with the applause!!
…”I used to collect milk caps. Now I collect videos with amazing colleagues. Everyone, have a Happy New Year and a great 2021!”

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