Van de Valk + De Groot

Staff party Amount: 450 employees and partners | Location: Own location in Poeldijk | Occasion: Staff party

“We were ready for a party like that!”

“After a few difficult years for our business we have found our way back on our feet again,” says Marcel Kramer. “We wanted to spoil our employees even more because they went through hard times with us. Everyone wanted to take pictures together, a sign of good team spirit. So the theme was very appropriately ‘one family’.

We got to know of EventZ via our network. We had quite a few requirements and we really wanted to have the event at our own premises. It actually clicked immediately. When we did a walk-around with Rob, he immediately saw the possibilities of our spaces. And yes, there had to be something to see, do, and eat for all 500 guests. The agreements we made with RenĂ© were achieved exactly as envisioned. For EventZ, just like for our company the same applies: ‘If you want to do something, you have to do it right.’

Towards the future It was time for innovation at our office. This party was the culmination of that. Everyone is motivated again. In 2 years, the business will be 60 years old. It is very likely that we will first talk to EventZ again.”

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